I would like to take this opportunity to thank my clients for taking the time to put in words how massage therapy has helped repair, recover and aid them back to peak physical condition in order to maintain various injuries' and have a stress free life.  Here are some comments from my clients I would like to share with you all, and hope to inspire others to try Sport massage Therapy to see the difference and feel what the benefits are !!    I am truly Honoured to have had the pleasure of knowing I have helped and made a difference in everyone's recovery back to sport, work, and maintain there general health.             

 Shelene - "Director" - Sport Massage Therapist



After years of playing Representative and International Rugby, the body has obviously taken extensive battering and I'm glad I've managed to keep on top of any potential long term injuries through the wonderful deep tissue sports massage I receive from Shelene Paraone.  Her firm massage technique and ability to loosen tight muscles in my neck, back and shoulders through proper deep tissue massage has worked wonders for me!  I always leave feeling so much more relaxed, more flexible and reduced tightness or tension in my muscles.  I'd highly recommend Shelene to any elite or serious athlete who wants to keep their body in good shape for the next training session, allowing them to train harder and smarter through regular deep tissue (powerful and very firm) massage.

- Ainslie Sauvao - NZ Black Fern / Teacher



I have been visiting Shelene for Sports Massage Therapy for at least 15 years. I will not go to any other massage therapist other than Shelene because of the highly skilled, professional and therapeutic service I receive.

Shelene's extensive theoretical knowledge of the muscular skeletal system is evident in her practice and this keeps me well informed and confident in the therapy I am receiving.  Shelene is always responsive to any requests I have and will also provide a range of sound therapeutic advice depending on the situation.

Recently I tore my Achilles tendon and I put my successful rehabilitation down to Shelene's experience and expertise as a Sport Massage Therapist.  The Achilles injury resulted in a lot of swelling from the foot to above the knee and with regular massages the swelling subsided, the scar tissue was broken down and the other neighbouring affected muscles and tendons were treated.  Most importantly Shelene gave me confidence in the rehabilitation of and capability of my leg which led to a successful outcome. 

- Jane Chambers -



" I Have been seeing Shelene for over 15 years and have to say that if it wasn't for her I probably wouldn't be doing what I still love - working out ! She helps keep those muscles in check and any injuries that come my way she 9/10 times can sort my issues without me needing to see anyone else!! If you want to continue to do what you love then seeing her is essential !!!"

 - Kelly Symons - Arena Fitness Instructor



"I see Shelene at Porirua Sports Massage as I need to keep my body in peak physical condition to work at the Arena Fitness Centre.  I have been seeing her for nearly 15 years and the deep tissue massage lets me continue to work my hardest and keep free from injury. I can't wait for my weekly massage!"      - Ben Bleakley - Arena Fitness Instructor



"working in the Fitness Industry, I can honestly say Shelene has kept my aches and pains away and after 14yrs I still HIGHLY recommend her services".                                                                                              

- Sheree Marsh - Group Fitness Co-ordinator / Arena Fitness Instructor



My name is Josie Astwood, I am a 64 (soon to be 65) year old nurse.  I have worked in this profession since I was 16. I first went to Shelene for a massage nearly 15 years ago after experiencing increasing numbness and tingling in my right arm.  My daughter had a feel around my back and told me I had huge knots.  I had no idea what she was talking abut, nor had I any idea what stress and exercise were doing to my body.  I exercise regularly as a form of stress release and also to keep myself healthy and fit for work.  Nursing can be very physically and also emotionally challenging.  I can honestly say if I had not been referred to Shelene by a colleague of mine I really don't think I would still be working.  Having regular massage has become my right ! and a time to give back to me ! I look forward to my massage and the positive effects it has on my well being.  So many people tell me " I'm Lucky to have a regular massage " That's nonsense !!  I prioritise my money and time to ensure I get my massage.  Thank you so much Shelene for educating me and for giving me consistently effective massage.

 - Josie Astwood - Nurse



I have had the good fortune to experience the healing power in Shelene's hands since 2011 when I started regularly booking monthly massages with Shelene.  My work involves a lot of working at the computer and I was prone to getting head, neck and shoulder tension.  I found the style of massage that Shelene practices far more effective in releasing tension than just trigger point or relaxation massages. I feel that the money I spent on massages with Shelene was one of the best investments in my general health that I could make and I really appreciated Shelene's upbeat attitude, her buoyant energy and her philosophical approach to life.

 - Gloria Henderson - Educator



After 4 visits to Shelene and David Sissons (chiropractor), my shoulder and lower back pain have gone !!

I had been suffering with this since April this year (2014) (4 months) I was seeing a different practioner but I still had pain then a friend recommended Shelene, I was reluctant but went - Shelene recommended that I see David Sissons also and now im just feeling great - Thank You Shelene and David.

- Polly Collier



I have been seeing Shelene for monthly Massages for 14 years now.  I highly recommend Shelene if you need someone to get deep down into those tense and knotted muscles.  I used to get neck pain a lot but since seeing Shelene on a regular basis I no longer have this problem.  Shelene has also assisted me with my running injuries.  I even had massages while I was pregnant with my son.  Shelene is very knowledgeable about the different muscle groups and was able to give me good advice about stretching techniques which has enabled me to recover from all my injuries faster.

- Fiona Day-Paku - Nurse