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We are proud to provide an extensive range of Massage Therapy Treatments for you to choose from.

If unsure consultation with your Therapist will decipher which treatment will best suit your needs, feel free to give us a call or come in to meet and chat to us.

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Massage Courses - Next 2 day weekend Course -  Sunday 8th & 15th November 2020. click Massage Training Courses for dates & information 

More dates available - click on Massage Training Courses for dates for 2020. 

book in early to secure your place on the course and get our early bird price of $280.00 - see massage training courses for more information and to book in and register.

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Choose from the following:



Lite Therapeutic

Rememdial + Trigger Points

Sports Deep Tissue Massage




Pregnancy Massage:

Can be helpful in relieving the stress on the body and reduce back pain caused by pressure of the baby getting bigger and heavier. Its a light to medium pressure.


Relaxation Massage:

De-Stress unwind and relax your mind. Your Chill out session !! Its a light to medium pressure.


Aromatherapy Massage: (Coming Soon TBA)

Blended for your needs, sooths Sore Muscles, leaves you rejuvienated. Its a light to medium pressure.


Remedial Massage:

A medium pressure to relieve your aches and pains, help reduce risk to over trained muscles, loosen up and feel good.


Therapeutic Massage:

A medium pressure to relax tight sore muscles, improve circulation, reduce muscle pain, soften muscle fibres.


Sports Deep Tissue Massage:

A firmer pressure to help loosen & reduce Muscle pain, maximise sports training & performance, break down ad-hessions (knots in Muscle fibres) working on triggerpoints also helps restore & repair the body.



Working on knots, lumps or strings of muscle tissue that are the cause of most muscle pain & dysfunction by working on these points will release pressure and tightness to aid in repair of muscle tissue.






Do you suffer from muscular neck and back pain, tension headaches !

Training for a sports event to recover or prevent sports injury !

Do you suffer from fatique or stress related symptons !

Do you want to relax and feel good !



Reduce muscle pain

Relaxes tight muscles

Improves circulation

Reduce risk of injury to overtrained muscles

Maximises sports training (pre & post events)


Massage can assist with:


Low / upper back pain

Tendonitis - Achillies tendonitits, tennis/golfer's elbow

Sprains and Strains - Hamstrings, Quadriceps, Neck and Back, Calfs

Planta Fasciitis (foot pain)

Repetitive Strain Syndromes (RSI /OSS)




Knee Pain - Strains, Sprains and keeping your knees healthy

Stress related conditions

Hips and glut pain - Sciatica


General upkeep and well being