About Us

It started with a simple idea: I was involved in alot of sport growing up and had my fair share of injuiries that followed over the years and found Massage Therapy was the one thing that helped relieve and repair most if not all of my muscular tension and  recover or prevent sports injuries and reduce fatigue and stress related symptoms just by increasing circulation and blood flow and manipulating muscle fibres, it helped improve sore muscles and kept me going to this day where I am still very active and involved in sport activities.

So I started a business that would have a positive impact on the lives of others, and share my experience of what it was like to have a good massage and what effects it has on the body by getting regular maintanance to help you in your every day life. 

Our success comes from the fact that we love what we do. We are enthusiastic and energetic with a high level of motivation and commitment to achieve the best results in whatever we do. Our contribution to team effort often aids in quality outcomes and customer focus to give our clients the best service that they deserve for customer satisfaction and achieve the best possible results that you want.

As a practicing therapist I look forward to hearing all your suggestions and comments, your feed back is important to us, we would like to know how we are going and how we could improve or possibly even add another treatment to our repertoire that you would be interested in.


Our team consists of highly skilled and qualified massage therapy staff. 

To learn about new techniques and innovative treatments, we take part in Continuing Education modules on a regular basis.

Pain and tightness affect the physical, mental and emotional aspects of the body. Most of my clients report an improvement in their personal and professional life as a result of reducing the pain and tightness that can often become a every day occurrence.


Getting regular weekly, fortnightly or monthly massage can help reduce the effects of stress which can reduce the effectiveness of the immune system and other systems of the body such as circulation and blood flow, hormones, and of course muscle and joints. In uncertain and stressful times, now more than ever it is important to get regular massage to help you relieve that tension.


Massage is no longer a luxury in today's world. It is a necessity. Stress is one of the main factors that can cause the body to break down and get sick.

Massage therapy can provide feedback to your physical body to help you become more aware of how your body responds with tension so that you can start changing your reactions to responses to a healthier and happier body.