Our Team

Our Team:

Owner Shelene Paraone  - (Diploma Th. Mass. NZCM)  Fully qualified Sports Remedial Massage Therapist and has been in practice for over 20 years specialising in deep tissue remedial massage. I have on going education to better my knowledge in muscle rehabilitation and injury work, where my interests are. I also Teach Remedial Sport Massage, as I like to pass on my knowledge and experience to others that have the interest in wanting to become a Massage Therapist to help anyone wanting to recover, repair or stay in top peak condition and stay in good health.

Over the years I have worked on a number of athletes, professional and competitive individuals helping teams with their pre & post massage to avoid injury.

The range of clients vary for instance, I massage professional sports people like The NZ All Whites and have had Hurricane & both NZ All Black players and Black Ferns and rep level Netballers use my services over the years and still do and a lot of NZ age group Triathletes come for repair & maintenance regularly, to NZ Ballet Dancers, Coast to Coast and Ironman, Marathon competitors, with your general sports person or weekend warrior, trades people, computer related stress syndromes, injuries from accidents and other health related problems such as AC Joint issues, Hip and Knee pain, fibromyalgia, chronic  fatigue and assisting clients in dealing with long term injuries. I have worked with many conditions to help them find relief from back/neck pain, headaches, fibromyalgia, heel pain, tendinitis, Arthritis, OOS/RSI and other musculo skeletal issues to help reduce muscle tightness and pain, reduce the risk of injury to over trained muscles and maximise sports training and help in the recovery from fatigued muscular aches and pains and tension headaches.

My forte is Deep tissue work. I also work with people on an on-going basis with the goal of preventing injuries and preserving health. Massage therapy is an important part of staying healthy both physically and mentally, no matter if you are sporty or not.

Karen Ellen: Cert. Therapeutic Massage - Porirua Sports Mass Training Ct  

- Cert.Therapeutic Massage - Wgtn school of massage 2003

Karen practices an array of Therapeutic modalities like Swedish remedial & sport massage techniques, she has a good understanding of common injuries to help athletes or those suffering from repetitive strain type conditions to reduce tension and pain and help to move more freely and help aid in recovery from injury, improve posture and decrease pain.

Relaxation Massage:

This is a Relaxation and Lite Therapeutic Massage, the focus is to relieve muscle tension to take away the stress and strains of your day, to invigorate and enhance your senses, unwind and relax your mind, soothing your sore muscles leaving you in a state of pure relaxation, rejuvenated and revived to face anything life throws at y